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Elsyca PlatingManager-PCB is a state-of-the-art graphical simulation platform for enhancing the plating performance of your PCB panel and pattern plating processes. Simulations are executed using a virtual mock-up of your in-house PCB plating tanks, and provide detailed information on copper layer thickness distribution and potential quality issues over the different panels on the flight bar.

Alternative panel configurations can be investigated in only a few mouse clicks. Moreover, additional tooling components like shields or robbers can be introduced and their impact quickly verified. For enabling the simulation of pattern electroplating processes, the top and bottom layout of the PCB job under investigation are obtained from Extended Gerber file input data.

Ingenious in its simplicity, no CAD or CAM skills required. Elsyca PlatingManager-PCB is ingenious in its simplicity. As a user, just define the panel size, load the Gerber layout file, set the process parameters, and press the simulation button. It is really that simple!

Key features are:

  • your real-life panel and pattern plating tank

  • user-friendly positioning and automated patterning of panels on the flight bar

  • easy incorporation of PCB layout information

  • robust and fast simulation

  • science based

  • detailed information

  • optimization in just a few interations

  • combine and compare different projects with batch processing

  • interpret results with just a few clicks

  • convenient to share and collaborate

  • available in STL format

  • automated yet customizable reports

Elsyca PlatingManager-PCB website

Have a look at our Elsyca PlatingManager-PCB website for more information, discover the benefits, watch Elsyca PlatingManager-PCB in action or ask for a personalized quotation.

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