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Elsyca V-PIMS is a graphical simulation platform for the integrity management of pipeline networks w.r.t. external corrosion. Elsyca V-PIMS simulates and visualizes the CP health status of the entire network based on known design information. Correlating the simulation results with measured field data at test stations allows tracing anomalies in the CP operation, adapting rectifier currents for optimum protection, as well as analyzing and monitoring time-bound effects.

Elsyca V-PIMS supports pipeline operators to comply with prescribed governmental requirements, such as the Dutch norm NTA 8000 and US ASME B31.8S, with respect to Integrity Management and Risk Management: correlation between surveyed as-is status and simulated to-be status enables the monitoring of the health condition of the pipeline network the overall visualization of the network’s CP performance allows prioritization of preventive survey activities modifications and extensions to the network can be verified upfront.

Key features

Key features are:

  • links with existing GIS databases and cartography systems for ease of inputting data as well as visualizing results;

  • calculation of off-, on-, IR free- pipe-to-soil potentials, radial current densities, axial currents, voltage attenuation;

  • robust, fast and accurate solver;

  • graphical visualization of pipeline network with color coding of CP health status;

  • optional modules for:

    • DC stray current interference analysis : DC interference from transport systems (train, metro, …), HVDC interference from power transmission lines, interferences from 3rd party CP systems or neighboring pipelines;

    • AC interference: calculation of induced voltages and currents for inductive and resistive effects during normal and peak loads, and in case of fault scenarios;

  • post-processing environment for what-if type analyses;

  • optional synchronization with, and analysis of, field monitoring recordings;

  • fully developed in-house with co-operation from Nederlandse Gasunie;

  • customizable towards client environment.

The Elsyca V-PIMS provides operators with a unique state-of-the-art management system for the design, optimization, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the pipeline network’s corrosion protection, and ultimately leads to a better understanding of the integrity of the assets.


Download the product flyer here.

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