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Elsyca CatPro is a graphical simulation platform for cathodic protection and DC stray current analysis of pipeline networks. Elsyca CatPro is typically used as an engineering tool to assess the impact of changes that affect the cathodic protection (relocating pipeline or adding new sections, coating upgrades, etc.) and study the effect of stray current interferences for localized areas of the pipeline network.

Key Features

The key features are:

  • seamless import from file of pipeline routing;

  • combined BEM-FEM approach for soil and pipeline resistivity modeling;

  • easy modeling of electrical networks: current and voltage supply, current drains, resistive bonds, insulation joints, etc.;

  • parameterized models: soil resistivity, coating quality, rectifier output, pipeline dimensions, etc.;

  • robust, fast and accurate solver;

  • library of polarization curves for common material/soil combinations;

  • calculation of off-, on-, IR free- pipe-to-soil potentials, radial current densities, axial currents, voltage attenuation;

  • stray current interference analysis

    • DC interference from transport systems (train, metro, …);

    • HVDC interference from power transmission lines;

    • Interferences from 3rd party CP systems or neighboring pipelines;

  • powerful visualization environment – output to SVG (scalable vector graphics) and Google Earth.

The Elsyca CatPro technology was fully developed in-house with the co-operation from Nederlandse Gasunie. Elsyca CatPro is much more advanced than the standard attenuation models since it additionally considers local coating quality, soil resistivity and polarization data along the pipeline routing, which can be varied for any number of sections. It has been validated through numerous industrial engineering projects with leading companies.


Elsyca CatPro provides the pipeline corrosion engineer with an invaluable tool for designing, optimizing, and troubleshooting CP installations of pipeline networks under potential stray current interference and leads to a better understanding of the overall CP performance.


Download the product flyer here.

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