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Total Appearance Capture (TAC™) Ecosystem

The TAC™ Ecosystem is an award-winning appearance solution that enables an unmatched level of realism and efficiency in digital material capture and 3D design. Bring product designs to life with digital material representations that have the same visual appearance characteristics as their physical counterparts. Accurately and consistently share material appearance information across every step of the product development process to reduce design approval cycles and accelerate time to market.


Efficiently capture physical materials for use in virtual environments.

The TAC7 Scanner efficiently measures and stores color, size, texture, gloss, transparency, and other appearance characteristics for even the most complex materials. Scanned results are captured and shared via an Appearance Exchange File (AxF), a vendor neutral file format that is easily accessed by most major Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and state-of-the art rendering applications. The result is highly accurate files and reduced time for manual adjustments.


Create and manage one single library of digital materials.

The PANTORA Material Hub is a desktop application that lets you store, edit and share digital files across all of your PLM and CAD systems applications. The result is consistent material renderings from design to production and point of sale.


Reduce approval cycles leveraging an immersive 3D visualization environment for evaluation of material appearance.

The Virtual Light Booth provides an unparalleled ability to accurately compare physical and digital material samples under the exact same perceptual conditions – from illumination to contextual to observational factors. The technology enables designers to make more informed material selections, reduces approval times, improves product quality, and accelerates time to market.

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