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Simulating metal processing - our expertise

Our three product lines Simufact Forming, Simufact Welding, and Simufact Additive help you simulate a broad range of forming, joining, and additive manufacturing processes: forging, cold forming, rolling processes including ring-rolling, sheet metal forming, mechanical joining, heat treatment, all common welding processes, and newly powder bed fusion AM processes.

As modern simulation tools, our products have been designed for use in design departments, method planning, or process development. In the hands of a production expert or of a development engineer, Simufact software helps you gain a better understanding of the processes. Optimized processes with higher product quality within a very short time are the solution for our customers in a competitive, international market.

Our product lines with their modular approach embody our product philosophy: A special manufacturing process needs special functionality – that’s why we provide process-specific modules, in contrast to general-purpose tools that strive to cover all processes.

The modular approach of our products allows you to choose the functions relevant to your needs. This approach is cost-effective and can be easily adapt to changing demands. While the application modules contain process-specific functions, the additional modules included in the product lines offer you further functions that are either needed for your daily use of the software, or offer further advantages.

Forming simulation with Simufact Forming


Simufact Forming enables the simulation of forming processes. The software covers all essential areas of forming:

hot forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, all rolling processes, open-die forging and mechanical joining. Simufact Forming supports microstructure simulations, the calculation of die stresses and of the material flow as well as the prediction of material properties during heat treatment.

Simulating welding with Simufact Welding


Simufact Welding enables the simulation of welding processes. It is able to modelelastic-plastic material behavior and conduct welding structure simulations and welding process simulations.

Simufact Welding realistically predicts distortions and residual stresses that occur during welding and helps minimize them in the components while taking into account microstructural changes. Simufact Welding calculates the microstructure properties within the heat affected zone providing conclusions about the weld seam properties, especially relating to its mechanical strength. This allows the user detect welding mistakes, such as hot cracks in the simulation and to avoid them in reality. The software supports the development of the optimal clamping device for the welding process and assists in laying out the best welding sequence. Simufact Welding predicts the final shape of the component and helps to manufacture components within predetermined tolerances in series production.

Simulating additive manufacturing with Simufact Additive


Simufact Additive is a powerful and scalable process simulation environment for ‘right first time’ optimization of laser powder bed fusion processes. The software helps to compensate the distortion, minimize residual stresses and optimize the process parameters. Features include simulation of all the key AM process steps starting with ‘printing’ of the part; followed by heat treatment, cutting the part off the build plate and removal of support structures, plus heat and pressure combined processes (HIP).

The modelling is carried out using CAD data in an innovative and newly developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment aligned with the real process work flow. Simufact Additive offers an intuitive approach which starts with defining the general process by determining the part and support components through to definition of manufacturing parameters up to the analysis settings and ultimate results.

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