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Why Patchwork 3D?

Patchwork 3D software helps you transform CAD data into photorealistic 3D models for industrial use.

Patchwork 3D makes it easy to use real-time rendering to shorten design cycles, or to base your communication and marketing on stunning renders.

Personalizable 3D Configurators

Real-time, or on-demand, rendering provides instant images in your web configurators and immersive solutions, the best solution when your model has large numbers of configuration combinations.


Selected Features

Part 1.   Real-Time Light

A fully configurable, sun-type light provides real-time illumination without or in addition to lightmaps.

Part 2.   Selective Clipping Planes

Up to three animatable clipping planes reveal the layers of your product, clipping through only the surfaces you want.

Part 3.   HDR Environments

Switch 360-degree environments with a single click, influencing color perception, lighting, and surface reflections.

Part 4.   Multi-track Animations

Animations, both easy-to-build and complex, are driven by multi-track timelines, animation triggers, and animation constraints.

Part 5.   Real-time Material Editor

The material editor facilitates real-time modification of materials, including material types such as standard, shadow or multi-layer materials.

Part 6.   Lighting Layers

Lighting layers are a powerful tool that allow for variations in lighting ambiances and that make the use of lightmaps in animations possible.

Part 7.   Surface Unfolding Workshop

Patchwork 3D’s best-in-class surface unfolding algorithms are unique in industry applications.

Part 8.   Interactive NURBS tessellation

Native CAD support provides interactive NURBS tessellation.

Part 9.   Topological NURBS stitch / split

Native CAD support provides topological stitching of NURBS patches.

Plenty of 3D import formats

Directly import your native CAD files to assemble your Digital Aspect Mockup (DAM). Patchwork 3D supports many 3D import formats including:

  •           FBX                                DXF                                      OBJ                                     3DS

  •           STL                                 Parasolid                              IGES                                    Solid Edge

  •           ACIS SAT                        ACIS XML                             STEP                                    Creo / Pro Engineer

  •           Catia V4                         Catia V5                               Alias Wire                             NX

  •           SolidWorks

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