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Shanghai GLB Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of comprehensive solutions for corrosion protection and surface treatment in China. By providing advanced simulation software, consulting services, and customized platform development, the company helps users realize reduce costs and increase efficiency for related processes. The solutions and services provided by GLB have been verified by customers and have brought considerable economic benefits. After intensive efforts, GLB has become a reliable partner in related fields.   
At present, GLB has accumulated a good reputation in the fields of automobiles and parts, energy pipelines (oil and gas, water conservancy, electric power, nuclear power), aviation, aerospace, marine and marine engineering, weapons, etc., especially in the solutions of painting, electrophoresis, spraying, glue, air tightness,dimensional tolerance, welding, electroforming, electroplating, anodizing, metal corrosion, cathodic protection, robot simulation debugging, metal connection and processing. GLB cooperates with major enterprises and research institutes and are together committed to the technical resolution and standards setting in related fields. As a member of the Automotive Engineering Society and an advanced enterprise in the field of corrosion protection and surface treatment, GLB participated in standards settings of  the "Guidelines for the Design of White Body Anti-corrosion for General Passenger Cars" and‘the Standardization Method for Accelerated Corrosion Test Methods for Passenger Car Test Chambers.After years of unremitting efforts, GLB enjoys users all over the country. Typical users include SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC MAXUS,SGMW, FAW Group, BAIC, Dong feng Liuzhou, Dongfeng Honda, Dong feng Shenlong, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Technology Center, Great Wall, JAC, Geely, Southeast Auto, GAC,Chery, Brilliance, Changan, Zhengzhou Haima, Next EV, Byton, Weltmeister, AIWAYS, Qoros, Hozonauto, Evergreen Power, Zhidou, Eastone, SGR, Xinpoint, Suzhou Jingerjie, Gensen Auto, Minth, JMA, Jin Zhong, Shanghai Ruier, FAW FAWAY, CETC Institue No. 5,  CETC Institue No. 3*2, AVIC Institue No 6*0*2, AVIC Institue No 6*1*3, AVIC Institue No. 6*1*8, COMAC, NORINCO GROUP Institue No. 5*9, CSIS Instite No. 7*2*5, China Petroleum Southwest Design Branch, China Petroleum Pipeline Technology Research Center. GLB's high efficiency, high responsibility and high professional technical service have won unanimous praise from customers.In order to provide better technical support for local users, GLB has kept long-term cooperation with international professional technology companies and research institutions. For example, ElSyCa from Belgium. ElSyCa was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, focusing on electrochemistry Simulation calculation, its products and services gained good applications in the industries of automotive, aerospace, aerospace, military, marine, petroleum and petrochemical, electronics, etc. Its technical capabilities enjoy global reputation, and GLB is its sole partner in China and a important partner over the world.
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Address:Room 01, 10th Floor, 688 Li 'an Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
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